ARsome Technology

 is a boutique software firm, that provides augmented and virtual reality services, with a creative focus on developing a better reality.

Areas of Expertise


Augmented Reality

Use AR to tell stories, emphasize learning objectives, and incorporate experiential learning.


Mixed Reality

Blend an environment with a virtual, more exciting one to discover the unimaginable.


Virtual Reality

Become immersed, in a different environment, culture, or reality.

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Do you want to own an AR/VR application, without having to rob a bank?

Educational Institutions

A focus on experiential learning

Innovative technologies are being utilized by various educational institutions to better portray their educational objectives. We have worked with a variety of educational organizations to enhance experiential learning through augmented reality scavenger hunts, virtual reality stories, and other successful methods.

Our approach, is to provide a technological solution that enables the student, guest, or visitor to experience the educational objective of the organization by doing, rather than watching.

Download the VR Apollo 11 Demo

Download our awesome Apollo 11 virtual reality demo to see our approach to experiential learning. With this demo, you can take part in the historic mission, from start to finish.

Food & Beverage

A more powerful dining experience

We eat with our eyes, right? Innovative technology has slowly found its way into the Food & Beverage industry. Augmented reality is playing a critical role in how we experience food, and a pertinent tool in how restaurants portray their brand.

When integrating innovative technologies within the Food & Beverage industry, our approach is to build a technological solution that brings the consumer closer to the brand and story, thus creating a more powerful dining experience.

Download the ARmen Demo

ARmen is an augmented reality restaurant menu that collects key back end analytics to better understand the customers purchasing patterns, while fostering a more effective dining out experience.

Advertising & Branding

Immerse the customer in your story

We work with company's to enhance their brands recognition, better facilitate their customer's journey, and provide a plethora of in-store marketing techniques with the use of unique, augmented and virtual reality solutions.

When working with company's, who's goal is to implement an advertising or branding strategy, we focus our technological solutions on increasing their brand awareness by immersing the customer in their story. 

Download an ARsome Demo

ARsome is an augmented reality demo that puts the power of AR in your hands. Have fun with this app and experience AR within the History, Entertainment, and Science genres. 

Health Care

Show your treatments working

The science behind your treatments is complex, but the results are incredible, life changing. What if you could show the patient your treatments in action, attacking the health problem, in real time with augmented and virtual reality? Our technological solutions enable this patient, care provider experience.

Our approach, is to partner with you to develop augmented, mixed, and virtual reality solutions that educate the patient on your treatments and enhance your company's mission of providing life changing products to those who need them most.