Restaurant Menu / Beta


Imagine serving your customers more than a delicious New York Sirloin smothered in onions, buttered squash, and spiced asparagus. With ARmen, the augmented reality restaurant menu, you can now serve your delicious cuisine and tell a story. Implementing ARmen in your restaurant will enable your customers to preview the meal in AR, learn about the chef, the ingredients used, allergy warnings, or anything else that you may deem important. The possibilities are endless with ARmen.

Halloween Zombie Game / App Store


ARzom was built for those Halloween enthusiasts. More specifically, those who are obsessed with zombies. ARzom is an augmented reality mobile application that enables the user to take fun pictures with zombies in the street, in your house, or in your favorite coffee shop. Kill the zombies with fire and listen to them scream and crawl after you! Don't forget to take pictures and videos with ARzom's in-app capability to share on your favorite social media platform.

Click here to download in the app store!


Upscaling Sign Tool / Beta


ARsigns allows a field agent to preview the customers sign in augmented reality. It also lets the field agent increase the sign, within seconds, enabling the customer to preview an upgraded model or size, thus fostering upselling for a sign company. Other options within this AR application enable the ability to change the colors, shading, position, and much more. Simply upload the digital sign to the applications back-end, and within seconds, it will be ready to preview in augmented reality with all of the unique application options.

Playground Location Tool / Beta


ARscape was built to help people choose their ideal playground location within their backyard before purchasing it! With this tool, people can scroll through hundreds of playgrounds to see how it may look in your backyard. Using ARscape's in-app camera and measuring ccapability, people can take pictures of their ideal playground and location when working with their favorite playground supplier.

Shed & Gazebo Location Tool / Beta


Much like ARscape, ARshed was built to help people choose their ideal shed or gazebo and exact location before purchasing it from a supplier. Utilizing ARshed's in-app measuring capability, people will be able to know the exact type of shed/gazebo and location before making that important purchase. Future versions of the tool will allow the customer to virtually enter the shed and see what it looks like inside without being in the showroom.