Step One:

Getting Started

On your Apple device, please locate the icon for ARzom and tap it to start. The zombie splash screen should appear, as shown in the picture to the left.

Step Two:

Finding a Level Plain

At this point, you should see a red or green cross marker. When the cross marker turns green, please tap on it. The zombie will appear as well as the full menu, located on the bottom of the screen. If you do not like the location of the zombie, you can reset the location using the refresh button located between the camera and fire button.

Step Three:

Light the Zombies on Fire

Using the Fire button, located on the far right, you can light your zombie on fire. When you do this, you can hear the zombie scream and crawl after you. If you continue to light the zombie on fire, it will die and different zombies will appear. Enjoy!

Step Four:

Camera and Video

You can take a picture of the zombie in different locations or with friends by tapping the camera button. You can also take a video of the zombie in different locations or with your friends by tapping on the video camera button. After you have taken your pictures or video, you can retrieve them from your device's video or photo library. Finally, with your retrieved photo or video, you can share them on your favorite social media site.

Step Five:


If at any point you have questions about ARzom, please reach out - The team at ARsome Technology Group hopes you enjoy this application!