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How do I get started?

You can contact the team by email, info@arsometech.com to get the ball rolling.

Do you outsource any of your programming to companies located overseas?

All of our programming is done in-house and nothing, ever, is shipped overseas.

Would you sign an NDA before starting a project?

Of course! Anything to put your mind at ease.

What happens when the project is complete?

We never leave your side (I know if may sound scary). Throughout the life of the AR app, we are continuously updating software versions, trouble-shooting, and answering your questions or concerns.

What if I am not confident on my project requirements?

No worries! ARsome has seasoned business and programming professionals who can help you refine and mold your requirements to reach your strategic goals.

Can I see a demo of the AR app before I pay for the project?

Sure, why not?

If I have a problem with the app when the project is complete, will you fix it, free of charge?

ARsome stands behind its products during the life of the application. If for any reason there is a bug within the app, ARsome will find the root cause and fix it ASAP.

I would like to partner with you on a grant application to develop an AR application. Is this possible?

Definitely! Whether you have an educational, medical, or therapeutic idea, where a grant is the main source of funding, count ARsome in.