AVR Advising

You have a solid strategy and assume AVR can make you more competitive but aren't sure where to start. Let us turn those assumptions into data driven recommendations that beef up your value propositions and deliver a healthy ROI with our proprietary 4 step process.


Are you prepared for success?

AVR Market Analysis

AVR is expected to explode. The market is forecasted to reach $190 billion in 2020. This represents an annual growth rate of 181.3% for the 2015-2020 period.

Is your organization ready for such a powerful tool? Most aren't, but we are ready to equip you with the necessary structure and technology to align your strategies with AVR.

AR/VR Market Size
Billion USD
AR/VR Annual Growth Rate
2015 - 2020



Enriching the community through innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship are all ingredients for a perfect AVR Lab. By exposing students to the tech, teaching them on how to build the tech, and guiding them on how to commercialize the tech, enables a successful AVR Lab Success Cycle.


AVR Lab Success Cycle


Educational Curriculum

We train the staff how to operate the AVR Lab and basic troubleshooting. Also, through on-site or virtual workshops, we build an educational curriculum geared towards the staff or student, to ensure that the educational objectives are being measured and the end result is still in focus.


Measurable Outcomes

Determining the outcomes of the AVR Lab is a good start, but making sure those outcomes are measurable is a better start. We help define the roadmap for success by breaking down the requirements and learning objectives. From there, we ensure the journey is smooth.


Experiential Learning

We provide the software and hardware expertise to ensure the AVR Lab is equipped with the most up to innovative technology, and experiences to grab the attention of the student or guest. Experiential learning is the focus and critical driver in ensuring a positive and fun AVR Lab.



Entrepreneurship is great, heck we should know! It's also key to improve the students Emotional Intelligence and Personal Brand. It is critical to ensure that the student understands the AVR software, the basics of how to operate the software, and what to do with a finished AVR app. We ensure that the process is smooth with a defined commercialization plan for a student or group.


Programs & Workshops

A pre-built program or workshop that educates a student, professional, or department on how to best utilize AVR within a classroom, community, or strategy is a necessity. Our programs and workshops are designed with the client's needs and desired outcome in mind.


Hot Program and Workshop Topics


Brand Innovation

How to immerse the customer in your story with AVR.



How to utilize AVR to learn the parts of the body.


Product Packaging

How to excite your customers before they purchase the product with AVR.


Sports Betting

How AVR can be an essential tool in sports betting.



How AVR dashboards are more effective than traditional ones. 



How to use AVR to help cook your favorite meal.